IOS Users: (Phone or tablets)

Open your App Store icon which should look like this:

Once you open the App, the lower right hand corner will likely display a red notification bubble indicating that you have Apps that need to be updated. Click on the Updates in lower right corner.

When you locate the Field Nimble App just click Update to the right and the spin dial will appear indicating that your app is being updated. 

Close out the open App if you left it open by double clicking the home button in the bottom center and swiping up any open apps. Reload Field Nimble.

For Android Users:

Click on the Google Play Store to launch updates. The icon should look like this:

Click on the update tab across the top and you should see a list of all Apps that need to be updated. Field Nimble should be in this list. Just click on Update to the right of the App and let it install.

Close out any open Apps and relaunch Field Nimble. 

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